Sea view and gastronomic restaurant in Saint-Malo


Culinary delights

Le Cap Horn combines the gourmet pleasures of good food with an exceptional sea view.  Guests of this elegant restaurant enjoy their meals overlooking the bay of Saint-Malo. A menu of delicious dishes orchestrated by Chef Patrice Dugué and wonderfully punctuated by the desserts of Pascal Pochon. We also have an opulent wine cellar and our sommelier is always available to offer advice.


Sea view restaurant

Le Cap Horn combines the gourmet pleasures of good food with an exceptional sea view.
Guests of this elegant restaurant enjoy their meals overlooking the bay of Saint-Malo.


Les Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo

Located at the heart of Les Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo, the restaurant Le Cap Horn is perfect to enjoy a meal in one of the famous addresses in Saint-Malo. The restaurant is open to all.

Our Chefs

Patrice Dugué and Pascal Pochon combine talents to offer you generous and inventive cuisine.

Patrice Dugué,


I like to highlight the exceptional quality of our produces with precision cooking, sauce reduction, vegetable based binders, subtle touches of herbs and spices and by playing with textures and elements on the plate, creating a harmony that is almost “sensual”.

Pascal Pochon,

Pastry Chef and Maître chocolatier

My job, first and foremost, is to surprise our customers with tasty, gourmet creations that titillate the taste buds and make people want to eat dessert. This is why I always try to make sure there is plenty going on by using crunchy or smooth textures and creating a surprise effect in the mouth. » Chef Pâtissier & Maître Chocolatier.


Escale Menu

(This menu is not available on Saturday evenings and bank holidays) €39

  • 9 oysters N°3 from Cancale “Maison Brévault”
  • Marinated tuna flavoured with seaweeds served with tomato and sherry sauce
  • Warm salad of ray served with vegetable and mustard dressing


  • Steamed fillet of salmon and brill served with vegetable, onions and anchovies,
    ratatouille sauce
  • Steamed fillet of codfish flavoured with spicy served with thyme lemon sauce
  • Roasted fillet of duckling served with pineapple flavoured with spices, raspberry sauce
  • Pan seared saddle of veal served with mushrooms, duck foie gras sauce


  • Warm thin apple tart with vanilla ice cream
  • Almond cream served with roasted pears and morello cherries,
    macaroon and pistachio ice cream
  • Poached egg white served with custard cream flavoured with Tonka

Émeraude Menu


  • 9 oysters N°2 from Cancale “Maison Brévault”
  • Duck foie gras marinated with “Porto” served with slices of artichoke and beetroot dressing
  • Marinated scallops with vegetable and marrow served with “Thai sauce”


  • Pan seared fillet of bass served with broccoli purée flavoured with mint, seaweed and butter sauce
  • Fillet of monkfish with fennel and condiment served with herb sauce
  • Pan seared slices of duckling and duck liver served with mashed potatoes and pepper sauce
  • Pan seared fillet of beef served with spinach and salted caramel sauce


  • Fully matured French cheeses Jean-Yves Bordier


  • Breton caramelized cake served with buttermilk ice cream and caramel sauce
  • Coconut biscuit served with milk chocolate mousse, stewed bananas, passion fruits
    and chocolate sponge cake
  • Hazelnut biscuit served with poached pears with cardamom, William’s cream,
    meringue and pear sorbet

Prestige Menu

69 €

  • 12 oysters N°2 from Cancale “Maison Brévault”
  • Lobster salad served with quinoa and raw vegetable, citrus dressing
  • Duck terrine stuffed with foie gras served with cured ham “pata negra cebo”
    and ewe cheese flavoured with truffle
  • Grilled fillet of turbot served with rice “Vénéré” and rosemary sauce
  • Steamed fillet of John Dory fish served with cold aubergine purée and sea urchin sauce
  • Pan seared fillet of duck liver served with mushrooms served with morello sherry sauce
  • Pan seared fillet and sweetbreads served with artickoke, mustard and grape sauce
  • Fully matured French cheeses Jean-Yves Bordier
  • Orange hot “crêpe soufflée” flamed with Grand Marnier
  • Cake with chocolate mousse stuffed with cocoa coulis, ice cream dulcey and chocolate sauce
  • Crumble served with marinated mango, coconut ice cream
    and mango jelly in a chocolate cockle

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