Sea view and gastronomic restaurant in Saint-Malo


Culinary delights

Le Cap Horn combines the gourmet pleasures of good food with an exceptional sea view.  Guests of this elegant restaurant enjoy their meals overlooking the bay of Saint-Malo. A menu of delicious dishes orchestrated by Chef Patrice Dugué and wonderfully punctuated by the desserts of Pascal Pochon. We also have an opulent wine cellar and our sommelier is always available to offer advice.

Restaurant St Malo vue mer

Sea view restaurant

Le Cap Horn combines the gourmet pleasures of good food with an exceptional sea view.
Guests of this elegant restaurant enjoy their meals overlooking the bay of Saint-Malo.


Les Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo

Located at the heart of Les Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo, the restaurant Le Cap Horn is perfect to enjoy a meal in one of the famous addresses in Saint-Malo. The restaurant is open to all.

Chefs du Cap Horn : Daniel Guenan et Sylvain Dahirel

Our Chefs

Daniel Le Guénan and Sylvain Dahirel combine talents to offer you generous and inventive cuisine.

Daniel Le Guenan,


Since November 2022, Daniel Le Guénan has taken over from Chef Patrice Dugué with the desire to continue the adventure of our restaurants. Originally from Brittany, he has a wide experience in French hotels and golf resorts in Scotland, the Caribbean and Brittany.

Sylvain Dahirel,

Pastry Chef 

Surprise customers with tasty, gourmet creations that titillate the taste buds and make people want to eat dessert. There is plenty going on by using crunchy or smooth textures and creating a surprise effect in the mouth. 


Émeraude Menu


  • Buckwheat tart, eggplant purée, raw and grilled vegetable, red pepper sauce
  • Crab cannelloni wrapped with cucumber, wasabi mayonnaise
  • Tataki fillet of “Breton” beef as a carpaccio with crispy vegetable and pickles
  • Sea bass carpaccio with fennel and raspberry coulis
  • Guinea fowl with basil juice, cream of peas and wafer potatoes
  • Roasted John Dory fish with zucchini cream flavoured with “Breton” curry, potato gnocchi and crunchy vegetable
  • Chickpea pancake like a socca with raw and crunchy vegetable
  • Steamed fillet of lean with broad bean ravioli, vegetable, seaweed sauce


  • Fully matured French cheese Jean-Yves Bordier


  • Warm thin apple tart with vanilla ice cream
  • Apricots fried with honey on a brioche toast with almond cream, white chocolate mousse infused with brioche, apricot sorbet and tarragon sauce
  • Rhubarb jelly with white chocolate cockle fillet and honey ice cream, poached rhubarb, crispy pine nuts, white chocolate mousse and gin sorbet 

Prestige Menu


  • Quail fillet with poached egg, ravioli breast and candied leg
  • Lobster salad with tomatoes and grilled vegetable
  • Duck foie gras flavoured with Sichuan pepper, apricot chutney, jelly and fried apricot
  • 12 oysters N°2 from Cancale “Philippe & Noëlle Brévault”


  • Pan seared fillet of “Breton” beef with potatoes, smoked pepper sauce, oyster mushrooms vinaigrette
  • Roasted fillet of veal with spring vegetable, cereal cake and arabica sauce
  • Roasted turbot with crispy herbs skin, creamy risotto and shellfish sauce
  • Créole monkfish rougail with Vénéré rice and vegetable


  • Fully matured French cheese Jean-Yves Bordier


  • Rice pudding with strawberry marmalade and strawberry juice 
  • Almond sponge biscuit, lemon and yuzu cream, lemon cottage cheese sorbet
  • Black chocolate biscuit with creamy black chocolate, milk chocolate mousse, caramel buckwheat Sobbacha, buckwheat ice cream and black chocolate sauce

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